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Assault Heroes 2 in May

Or just leave them alone.

Sierra Online has revealed that Assault Heroes 2 will be released for Live Arcade on 14th May.

Developer Wanako will decorate the sequel with bigger weapons - and more of them - plus more destructible environments and a campaign about a third-longer than the original.

Levels are said to be more intricate and will appear in more three-dimensional way, with multiple routes to the bosses blocking your way.

On-foot sections have been tidied up, too, and you can do flashy Jack Bauer-like things such as roll out of the way of vehicles trying to hit you at 40.

Co-op for you and a friend is still in, and you can jump straight to stages you've beaten on your own to avoid replaying them in co-op to get to the same point. Activating linked weapons should be easier, too.

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