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Lumines added to Steam

Musical blocks.

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Q Entertainment has added its acclaimed puzzler Lumines to the ranks of titles available from Steam.

You can pop the Base Pack in your digital pocket for USD 9.95 (GBP 5). It has 21 unlockable Challenge skins, a skin edit mode, and a sample of Time Attack, Puzzle, and Mission modes.

Once you get to grips with the action you can add the Advanced Pack for USD 7.95 (GBP 4), which has another 21 Challenge skins, as well as 70 Puzzles and 35 Missions. You must already have the Base Pack to play.

Those of you after both can bundle them together for USD 14.95 (GBP 7.50). There's a 10 per cent discount on all these prices until this Friday.

Lumines found European fame on the PSP back in 2005. It has you clearing screens of falling blocks by matching the two colours into clumps, which disappear when a line sweeps from right to left in time to the music.

Each skin, or level, varies the music and tempo of the sweeping line, as well as the shapes of the blocks, culminating in one of the best puzzle packages around.

Since then it has been moulded into PS2 and Xbox Live Arcade offerings, although neither were as fresh and captivating as the handheld original.

Pop over to our Lumines PC gallery to see what it looks like.

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