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In media Rez: the return of Tetsuya Mizuguchi

From Sega Rally to Child of Eden, the past, present and future of the influential designer.

Q Entertainment's Tetsuya Mizuguchi

Remakes, revolutions and the future of media.

Lumines II

Lost some of its shinen.

Q's for Tetsuya Mizuguchi

We talk every-flavour Lumines, music and more.

In media Rez: the return of Tetsuya Mizuguchi

From Sega Rally to Child of Eden, the past, present and future of the influential designer.

In the sweat mist of a late 90s techno hall, Tetsuya Mizuguchi got his first glimpse of what would become his life's work. The young Japanese designer, still fresh from the success of creating one of Sega's biggest arcade hits, found himself on a balcony at Zurich's Street Parade - an offshoot of Berlin's celebrated Love Parade - watching out over a crowd lost to the rhythm. "This DJ is playing, and 100,000 people are moving with the music. The sound changed, and the movement changed. I watched from the top, and was like 'wow, what is this?'" What if you could play this, Mizuguchi thought to himself. What if he could turn this into a game?

Ubisoft announces Vita line-up

Ubisoft announces Vita line-up

Rayman, Lumines, Assassin's Creed, more.

Rayman Origins, Assassin's Creed and Lumines are among the titles Ubisoft is bringing to the PlayStation Vita, the publisher has announced.

Asphalt, Dungeon Hunter Alliance and Michael Jackson: The Experience are also "currently in development" for Sony's new handheld, according to its Gamescom announcement.

No word yet on exactly what form that Assassin's Creed game will take, but we'll update as soon as we find out more.

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Lumines PSP unlikely to appear on PSN

Publishing and licensing complications.

Japanese developer Q Entertainment has said it wants to see PSP titles Lumines and Lumines II appear for download on the PlayStation Store, but a mixture of licensing and publishing issues are getting in the way.

Q Entertainment's Tetsuya Mizuguchi

Remakes, revolutions and the future of media.

Tucked away in one of central Tokyo's sprawling, bustling regions, Q Entertainment's office building is small and incongruous - but impossible to miss, thanks to the striking logo on the side. "Q?" it asks. "Hopefully," responds the somewhat lost foreign journalist.

Lumines II

Lumines II

Lost some of its shinen.

If Tetsuya Mizuguchi ever runs an airline, he should totally call the planes "Lumines". Because then he can write on the side of them, "Lumines: How Time Flies".

(Stop groaning. It was that or some nonsense about relativity.)

The way Lumines works hasn't changed since 2004 when it first came out in Japan. Blocks fall from the top of the screen, each consisting of four small squares, and your job is to make single-colour blocks while you're piling them up at the bottom. With only two colours to worry about the falling block can only turn out six different ways, although there's also a jewel square, which forms a bond with any squares of the same colour that are connected to it when it's worked into a unicolour block.

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Lumines II is due out on 17th November and previewed on the site today, and in order to give you an idea how the new licensed music looks, we've also got a video of the skin based on New Order's "Regret" for you to check out.

Lumines II

Block-rocking beats?

As much as I love trains and aeroplanes, which is not at all, there is something to be said for allowing them, for they are the places where I can slide most completely under the blanketing layers of a complicated puzzle game, and find comfort and peace. In fact, the history of my affection for the genre is best plotted against advances in conveyance. Tetris was the rickety old National Express that took my Year 7 class to the Isle of Wight; Meteos was the Eurostar from Waterloo; and Lumines was the First Great Western to Bath Spa. Historic Bath, whose skyline is that manner of picturesque that calls for no other word, or at least so I'm told - I was close to 400,000 at that stage so I wasn't about to look up.

Lumines II track listing

Beck, Go! Team, Fatboy Slim - it's all a bit different.

Buena Vista Games and Q Entertainment have announced the track-listing for PSP puzzler Lumines II - and it's a bit different to the original's, to say the least.

Mizuguchi talks Lumines II

Some famous artists signed.

A number of famous artists have been signed up to supply music for the forthcoming Lumines II, acclaimed game designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi has revealed - with details of the talent involved likely to be emerge in the coming weeks.

Lumines to appear on PS3?

Quite likely, reckons Mizuguchi.

Q Entertainment has apparently only just begun its evolution of the hypnotic puzzle game Lumines, with creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi hinting that yet another version could be in the works for PlayStation 3.

Q's for Tetsuya Mizuguchi

We talk every-flavour Lumines, music and more.

If you count Ninety-Nine Nights, which has yet to be released in the West, Tetsuya Mizuguchi had six games at E3 this year. Four of them were Lumines titles, including a brand new Xbox Live Arcade version announced during Microsoft's pre-E3 conference - featuring Madonna, of all people. But it was actually Gameloft who helped us track him down - the French company had Lumines Mobile on display on its stand, and we arrived just in time to see them attaching a few "Best of Show" nomination plaques to the display.

Lumines for PS2, new Meteos

BVG to publish Lumines II, Every Extend Extra, new titles.

After Sony and Ubisoft both denied they were behind Lumines II's reported presence at E3, Buena Vista Games has stepped forward and said it's publishing it - and three other Q Entertainment titles.

Mizuguchi on Lumines 2

Q's working on it, and the max score will be higher!

Q Entertainment has been trying out various ideas for a sequel to PSP puzzle game Lumines, according to creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi, who made the remarks during a live IRC chat this afternoon.