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Lumines 2 at E3?

Sony lets slip.

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Lumines 2 will be at E3 by the sound of it.

Although nobody's officially announced it, news of it slipped out during a video segment on Sony's US website. One of the chaps presenting was talking about PSP games, and mentioned that LocoRoco, Gangs of London and Lumines 2 will be at the show.

Lumines, of course, is the mega-brilliant musical puzzle game from Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Q Entertainment, which ate entire days when we first got hold of it - and any time we put it back in our PSPs, actually.

The man himself's talked about a sequel on a couple of occasions - most notably in an online chat where he talked about early development and how he's thinking about upping the maximum score to 999,999,999 this time around.

That said, if Lumines 2 does make it to E3, it won't be because Sony's publishing it, or even because Ubisoft - who did it in the West last time - is doing so. IGN spoke to both yesterday and both denied they were involved.

Whoever's doing it, if it's there we'll let you know what it's like.

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