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Mizuguchi on Lumines 2

Q's working on it, and the max score will be higher!

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Q Entertainment has been trying out various ideas for a sequel to PSP puzzle game Lumines, according to creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi, who made the remarks during a live IRC chat this afternoon.

"We haven't announced about Lumines 2 yet," he said through a translator, "but we've been trying out many things for Lumines 2... Well... Sorry... I cannot tell you more than that at this point."

Mizuguchi had been addressing fans following the release of Lumines on PSP through European distributor Ubisoft, and somebody inevitably asked about a sequel.

On the subject of the current Lumines, Mizuguchi addressed the issue of why the maximum score is 999,999, admitting he simply didn't expect people to top it out very quickly. "Maybe I should change the MAX to 999,999,999 for the next Lumines," he mused. "Anyways... the reason for 999,999 is I was thinking how long PSP battery would last. I thought it would last about two hours... so I kinda calculated from it, then I decided to pick 999,999 =)".

As for Mizuguchi's top score? "999,999, of course!"

There was also lots of general chat about his favourite skins ("Shini' and Lights"), the inspiration for some of them, how he comes up with ideas, and his other work.

You can find a full transcript of the chat on the gamepaused blog.

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