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Lumines II New Order video

Know Regret.

Lumines II is due out on 17th November and previewed on the site today, and in order to give you an idea how the new licensed music looks, we've also got a video of the skin based on New Order's "Regret" for you to check out.

It's up on Eurogamer TV now. As with other Lumines skins, the New Order effort sees your actions applying different twinkly extra bits to the music, as well as varying the speed of various gameplay elements.

The full game includes over 60 skins, including some based on the likes of The Go! Team's "Bottle Rocket", Fatboy Slim's "Gangsta' Trippin'" and others from Beck, Black Eyed Peas and even Gwen Stefani. Woo!

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Lumines II


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