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Mizuguchi talks Lumines II

In Sweden, of all places.

Tetsuya Mizuguchi has been talking about Lumines II at the Nordic Game event in Malmö, Sweden.

Playing through levels featuring music from New Order and Beck, the Japanese developer bashfully grinned, "This is the first time I show Lumines II in public in the world."

And everyone clapped.

"For Lumines II, the concept is, 'How can we combine the music and music video in a game?' We have cooperation from ten famous artists from the western market and artists from Asia, and we put 100 tracks into it. We have music from Black Eyed Peas, Beck, Missy Elliot, Chemical Brothers, Stephanie, Junior Senior, Go! Team, Junkie XL and New Order. So, which artist do you want?"

You can read more about the track-listing in our previous coverage.

We've also got some photographs of Lumines II being shown off by Mizuguchi in Sweden.

We're just going to jump into an exclusive interview with the man, so we'll bring you more on the rhythm action sequel as soon as we can.