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Lumines heads to PC

Musical squares.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Q Entertainment has put its musical puzzler Lumines on PC casual gaming site WildGames.

It's a US service, so you will have to dig out your credit card to cover the USD 19.99 asking price. Or you can download an advert-stuffed client for free on a pay-per-play basis.

Fresh for this version are Skin Edit and Time Attack modes, as well as a puzzle alternative for you to create specific shapes using the blocks. You can also keep track of your progress by delving into statistics recorded from each of your sessions.

Lumines first appeared on PSP in late 2005, and challenges you to arrange falling blocks into 2x2 squares before a vertical line flits across the screen to clear them out. The whole thing is synchronised to music too, and is fiendishly addictive so you will no longer need friends.

You can pick it up on PS2, Live Arcade and mobile phones these days, although the PSP versions still outranks them for space in our heart.

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