More evidence of LocoRoco 2 emerges

Looks like it could be on show next week.

LocoRoco PS3 dated

In Japan, anyway.

LocoRoco creator talks racism

Likes black ones the most.

LocoRoco man on PSP line-up

"There are too many sequels".

Sony quiet on LocoRoco PS3

New evidence pipes up.

LocoRoco to return - Harrison

Oh, and early PS3 games only use half its power. Snore.

LocoRoco gets Christmassy

Special level due next month.

LocoRoco Halloween demo

And new firmware update.

LocoRoco music vid on YouTube

Little girl: Kawaii desu!

Win a giant LocoRoco

Inflatable joy.

Is LocoRoco racist?

Man says so; others say no.

LocoRoco European demo

On Yourpsp.com now.

Review | LocoRoco

Roc 'n' roll star.

Feature | The LocoMotion

We chat to LocoRoco's Tsutomo Kouno.


Some thoughts on the demo. Principally, "woot!"

LocoRoco PSP demo

Download and tilt!

PSP to go LocoRoco

Crazy tilting action promised.