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LocoRoco to return - Harrison

Oh, and early PS3 games only use half its power. Snore.

Sony worldwide studios boss Phil Harrison has said that we haven't seen the last of LocoRoco, despite the game's perceived commercial failure in the face of near-universal critical acclaim.

(Which, let's face it, is far more interesting than his claim that current Sony games on PlayStation 3 use "less than half" of its power. If that's not true of a console at launch, then surely something's gone a bit wrong.)

Describing PSP title LocoRoco as "a very successful game for us," Harrison told MTV News, "we're continuing to evolve the franchise... We're going to bring LocoRoco back in a couple of new ways with some new friends in the future." What price a launch as part of Sony's Xbox Live Arcade-style e-Distribution Initiative, I wonder.

(Oh, and he reckons "Nobody will ever use 100 percent of [PlayStation 3's] capability." You boring person.)

Elsewhere, Harrison was generally positive about the PSP, arguing that it's doing "a very good job," and that Sony wants to change the fact that "most people use their PSP at home" rather than on the train etc.

But, he conceded, "Nintendo should be congratulated," for the DS's success in expanding the market to include all sorts of new gamers. "They are our customers of tomorrow," he added.

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