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Sony quiet on LocoRoco PS3

New evidence pipes up.

More evidence has reared its blobby baldy singing face this afternoon supporting rumours that LocoRoco is on its way to PS3.

The signs all seem to point in the right direction, despite Sony adopting the usual "can't comment on rumour and speculation" standpoint.

You see, first there was game creator Tsutomu Kouno, who dropped all sorts of hints at the recent Game Developer Conference about a PS3 outing - promising it wouldn't "betray" fans expectations after skirting around whether it would use Sixaxis tilt controls.

Then you should take into account the advert in the recent Edge magazine (helpfully Internetted by Kotaku), which blatantly suggests we'll be seeing the game on the new console.

And last but not least is supposed leaked information from PS3 Fanboy, which claims the Sony Trade Marketing extranet actually lists LocoRoco for PS3, with a release date of 23rd June.

Which all leaves us rather confident that something is in the pipeline.

LocoRoco is a roly-puzzle musical that was released last summer for PSP. It tasks you with guiding blobs of singing stuff around a level by titling the handheld, presenting all sorts of conundrums at every turn.

We found it to be an absolutely essential title - a glorious example independent thinking and charm. Unlike that sentence, which was me borrowing what Tom and Kristan said. You can find our LocoRoco review elsewhere on the site.

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