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LocoRoco PS3 dated

In Japan, anyway.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony Japan has quietly let slip that LocoRoco for PS3 will be available over there on 21st September.

The news spilled like messy singing blobs from Famitsu, in an article translated by IGN, but unfortunately no price was mentioned for the downloadable game.

We also couldn't get a response from Sony Europe suggesting when we'll see it here, or how much it will cost.

Dubbed "Oiedeyo LocoRoco!! Boo Boo Cocoreccho!" in Japan, the PS3 instalment sees you controlling a butterfly rather than the singing blobs directly. These fluttery insects are called Cocoreccho, and the idea is to shout "Boo Boo" at the sleeping LocoRoco to wake them up and get them to follow you around (the Japanese word for that being Oiedeyo). You'll be able to control all of this with the nifty Sixaxis controller, too.

LocoRoco was released last summer on PSP, and remains one of the most enjoyable, innovative, and memorable games on the system to date. Pop over to our LocoRoco review to see why we're getting a little bit too excited.

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