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LocoRoco creator talks racism

Likes black ones the most.

LocoRoco creator Tsutomu Kounu has apologised for being ignorant to supposed racial stereotypes portrayed by his PSP game, but insists the black Moja characters were his favourite.

When quizzed by about the criticism the title had received, Kounu was both surprised and apologetic.

"I was surprised - I was just very ignorant of the fact that it was becoming a big thing," Kounu said. "Because people talk about this, it means they care about the issue - and I'm sorry for that to happen. I like the black LocoRoco the most; they're the coolest."

And he's far from shying away from strong characters, spontaneously fleshing out an idea for a game based around a drunken old knight in medieval Europe.

He's clearly a man of many ideas, and LocoRoco has long been hailed as one of the most original and refreshing titles on the PSP.

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