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LocoRoco man on PSP line-up

"There are too many sequels".

LocoRoco creator Tsutomo Kouno reckons too many of the games available for PSP are sequels - and that he plans to redress the balance, is reporting.

Speaking at the Nordic Game conference earlier this week Kouno told "We need to make more new games for PSP, not just sequels. We have to increase the number of casual games, games that LocoRoco players will want to play."

However, Kouno is currently working on a sequel to his own game for PSP. When asked if LocoRoco will also be appearing on PlayStation 3 he replied, "I can't really say anything official right now, but... As you'd expect."

Kouno went on to state that he is committed to Sony's handheld, and to doing what he can to improve the range of software on offer.

"There are too many sequels for PSP, only sequels, so I want to make a new game for PSP," he said.

"I have many ideas, but I can't make them all because I am only one person. I have five or six new game ideas either for PSP or PS3, but I actually want to make them for PSP - for the people who bought LocoRoco, or bought a PSP because of LocoRoco, and like casual games."

The full interview with Kouno, where he discusses the potential of the Sixaxis controller and the EyeToy camera, the allegations of racism that were levelled at LocoRoco and his latest ideas for new games, will be published on next week.

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