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PSP to go LocoRoco

Crazy tilting action promised.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony has confirmed that LocoRoco, the brightly coloured PSP title that first caught our eye at last year's Tokyo Games Show, is to get a release in Europe.

The game features a bright, colourful world where jelly-like creatures - the LocoRoco of the title - sing, roll and bounce around with wild abandon.

Your job is to guide them by using the PSP's shoulder buttons, tilting the ground up to 30 degrees in various directions. This is made trickier by the fact that the LocoRoco can't keep still for a moment, and the fact that each level is littered with spiky splinters and pesky enemies.

You'll also be in charge of feeding the LocoRoco fruit so they get fatter and fatter - the bigger they are at the end of each level, the more points you score. Sometimes you'll need to split the creatures into tinier versions of themselves to squeeze through narrow gaps and find hidden treats, too.

LocoRoco is out this summer.

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