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LocoRoco European demo

On now.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

European PSP owners can now download a demo of LocoRoco directly to their Memory Sticks without having to faff around with Japanese websites.

Sony Europe's announced that the LocoRoco demo is now available through, its regional website, giving players a taste of the tilt-controlled platform game that we've been thoroughly enjoying over the past few weeks.

Best of all, there's really not long to go until we get to play the whole thing - with the game down for release in the UK and Ireland on June 23rd and across all other SCEE territories on June 28th.

As you may have spotted, we're quite keen on LocoRoco - and you can also read more about how the game came together in our interview with SCE's Tsutomo Kouno elsewhere on the site.

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