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Lumines for PS2, new Meteos

BVG to publish Lumines II, Every Extend Extra, new titles.

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After Sony and Ubisoft both denied they were behind Lumines II's reported presence at E3, Buena Vista Games has stepped forward and said it's publishing it - and three other Q Entertainment titles.

In an announcement last night, BVG said it would publish Lumines II and Every Extend Extra for PSP, as well as the previously unannounced Lumines Plus for PS2 and Meteos: Disney Edition for DS, during the autumn in every territory except Asia.

Puzzler Lumines II and shooter Every Extend Extra have both had their own headlines before, but news of a Lumines title for PS2 is likely to excite those turned off the Sony handheld.

Meanwhile, any sort of new Meteos is something we can appreciate - even if this one will be tagged up with all sorts of lovable Disney characters.

Anyway, given that Lumines II will be at E3, it seems safe to bet the others will be too - and you can bet that one of us will track them down and have a look at some point.

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