Meteos: Disney Edition

Meteos: Disney Magic

Meteos: Disney Magic

Not as Mickey Mouse as you might expect.

This unlikely alliance between the biggest creators of family entertainment and the most notable creator of apparently drug-addled videogames turns the original Meteos on its head. By which I mean, you have to hold your DS vertically, like a book (or a brain training game) to play it. Apart from that, and a handful of other differences, this is the original Meteos that you know and love, wrapped up with artwork and characters from various Disney films that you know and love. Which is a lot of love.

The basic game design is pretty much intact since the original Meteos: you use your stylus to switch blocks around to create rows or columns of three or more matching icons which then fire up the screen. At that point, gravity takes over and the blocks will either shoot off the top of the screen, or drop back down, requiring you to create new match-ups to give them another boost. The principal difference between this and the original Meteos is, obviously, the fact that the game is now themed around some of Disney's classic movies and characters. Instead of a vague sci-fi plot, Disney Magic sees you clearing up the Disney library with a magic wand given to you by Jiminy Cricket and Tinkerbell. It turns out that someone's messed up all the Disney Stories, and you have to 'go into the storybooks and help fix the stories', so the world's families can enjoy their entertainment the way they were supposed to.


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