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Lumines to appear on PS3?

Quite likely, reckons Mizuguchi.

Q Entertainment has apparently only just begun its evolution of the hypnotic puzzle game Lumines, with creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi hinting that yet another version could be in the works for PlayStation 3.

In a recent interview with Game Informer magazine, Mizuguchi discussed the various iterations of the game, which has spread from a singular PSP experience to new versions for PS2, mobile phones and of course the Xbox 360 with Lumines Live.

Mizuguchi was unwilling to commit to a specific platform for the next version of the game, but did concede that the PS3 is definitely an option, stating: "In trying to keep Lumines as one of the series to live on multiple platforms, obviously it’s already in our consideration."

"Hopefully there will be a time where people will say that this isn’t just a puzzle game anymore with all of these new experiences combined," he added. "So whether or not this becomes realised and actualised in PS3 or not, we don’t know yet."

Mizuguchi wants to create a customisable, personalised experience for the game, something which he has gone some way to achieving with the forthcoming Lumines Live, which will rely on the Xbox Live Marketplace to let you bag new skins, licensed tracks, background videos and more - for a price. But clearly the franchise is something that Q Entertainment wants to keep alive and it would seem like a true missed opportunity were it not to make an appearance on the PS3.

As for when this might happen - well, nothing's been announced so far. But there's still Lumines Plus, Lumines Live and Lumines 2 to look forward to. Plus Lumines Mobile. And that's enough Lumines to be going on with, wouldn't you say?

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