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Sam & Max confirmed for Wii

Port of first PC season, due autumn.

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After months - over a year, in fact - of speculation and fan demand, Telltale Games has confirmed that its episodic PC comedy adventures starring Sam & Max will be coming to Wii this year. Gamespot broke the news, and Telltale gave it the thumbs up.

Although Telltale originally said that it was the download services of current-generation consoles that interested them, it seems that the Wii Sam & Max - a port of Season One of the PC games, comprising all six episodes - will be a box copy "on store shelves". Dreamcatcher and The Adventure Company will publish the game in the US, and JoWood will bring the game to Europe - complete with French and German dubs, and Spanish and Italian subtitiles.

The long-standing fan campaign for a Wii version was said to be a major factor behind the Wii release. More details are promised later today.

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