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Byron defends adult gamers' rights

Enjoys playing Wii with pissed people.

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Dr Tanya Byron, queen of child psychology and government reports about videogames, has defended the right of adults to play what they want.

Speaking to, she described the games industry as "a really responsible industry that wants to do the right thing for kids and young people".

Referring to her recently published report Byron went on, "It's also about reassuring the adult gaming community that this isn't about stopping you doing what you're doing. You have a right to do what you do."

What if what you want to do is get sh**tfaced and play tennis? Go for it, says Byron: "We play Nintendo Wii with our kids, and we have all sorts of consoles in the house. And my husband and I, at the end of the day, quite like trying to play tennis on the Wii with our mates who've had a few drinks.

"Videogames are fun, it's what children do," continued Byron. "Kids need a balanced media diet, and they need, you know, not to be spending too much time gaming and not doing other things. But fundamentally, you need to celebrate it and empower and enable them to do it safely."

For more from Byron, including why she thinks we'll never really know what effect violence in games has on children, read the full interview.

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