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GTA IV being shipped out now

Will shopkeepers stick to the 29th?

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Take-Two has unsurprisingly revealed that Grand Theft Auto IV has been given gold status and is now on the way to shops ahead of its 29th April release.

The news was announced in a shareholder financial meeting today, where Take-Two continued to pooh-pooh the buyout offer from EA; chairman Strauss Zelnick said it was "still at the wrong price and still comes at the wrong time".

Grand Theft Auto IV is expected to notch up record sales of 6 million copies in its first week on sale, according to "sources close to publisher Take-Two".

Halo 3 currently holds the crown, having shifted 5 million copies in a week. It was only available on one platform, too.

But will any retailers break the street date? Argos broke it for Halo 3, and little birds fluttering around the office believe supermarkets may be the most likely candidates this time around.

We'll be watching.

We can't find any betting sites offering odds on this. Can you, Eurogamer reader?

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