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EA clarifies Rock Band pricing

It's not going to come cheap.

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EA has confirmed the price for Rock Band, following the European date announcement this morning.

Europe, unlike the US, will not get all of the instruments bundled together with the game.

Instead, you will have to fork out for an Instrument Edition at GBP 129.99 / EUR 169 - comprised of the drum kit, guitar and microphone - then buy the game separately for GBP 49.99 / EUR 69.99.

Anyone after the whole lot will be looking at a total of GBP 180 / EUR 240, then. That's rather more than in the US, where you can buy the game and all the instruments for USD 169 - equivalent to around GBP 85 / EUR 107.

Wireless guitars will be sold separately for GBP 59.99 / EUR 79.99, while the drum kit will be GBP 69.99 / EUR 89.99.

Hopefully retailers will be offering their own bundles.

Rock Band will be out in Europe exclusively for Xbox 360 on 23rd May. PS3, PS2 and Wii versions will follow later this summer.

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