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Bob Marley hits coming to Rock Band?

VH1 claims Legend compilation on the way.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Bob Marley's greatest hits compilation, Legend, will hit the Rock Band Store on 21st September according to VH1.

A recent VH1 special on the reggae icon outed the release, RB fan-site RockBandAide reported.

"We have not released official confirmation of this, but if you've seen it broadcast by one of our parent stations you can take it as fact," a Harmonix spokesperson told Eurogamer.

For the record, the tracklisting runs as follows:

  1. Is This Love
  2. No Woman No Cry
  3. Could You Be Loved
  4. Three Little Birds
  5. Buffalo Soldier
  6. Get Up Stand Up
  7. Stir It Up
  8. Easy Skanking
  9. One Love/People Get Ready
  10. I Shot the Sheriff
  11. Waiting in Vain
  12. Redemption Song
  13. Satisfy My Soul
  14. Exodus
  15. Jamming
  16. Punky Reggae Party

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