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Rockstar wants 18 rating in Australia

But cuts won't drastically affect game.

Rockstar has appealed to the Australian government to introduce an R18+ rating for the region.

Its comments follow the decision to cut Grand Theft Auto IV in order that it meet the current MA15+ upper-limit so it can go on sale.

"We strongly support the [Office of Film and Literature Classification ] and will continue to work within their guidelines; however, we believe the government needs to bring games in line with other media by introducing an R18+ rating, or edits to games will continue to be necessary," said Rockstar in a statement.

"We encourage consumers to let their politicians know that they support an R18+ rating for games."

Rockstar has reassured those worried that cuts to GTA IV will not compromise the quality of the game nor significantly change the experience.

"While there are some minor differences between the Australian and US/EU versions, they are not significant and we do not believe they take away from the level of scope and detail that make GTA IV such an incredible experience," the publisher stated.

"We would not release the game in Australia if we believed these differences compromised the quality of the game in any way."

Grand Theft Auto IV was given an 18 certificate in the UK for having saucy and violent content. climbed to the top of Mount News to preach its teachings with the power of Fact.