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One Life Left on air tonight

Less emphasis on libel and dancing.

So often on One Life Left, Europe's FAVOURITE and MOST POPULAR and SOMEWHAT SHAMBOLIC videogame radio show, we claim we have something to tell you and then we don't tell you whatever that thing was. Tonight we will definitely tell you a thing!

We don't tell you, not because we don't want to (we do) or because we've edited it out in post-production (we sometimes have to do that too, but if you listen live you'll always hear the full thing).

We don't tell you because we're really easily distracted. One second we'll be about to tell you something amazing, the next second we'll be playing one of our amazing barely-games related features, like A Pint of Rice Wine and a Packet of Octopus Please (industry gossip / Japanese lessons recorded by a game developer in Tokyo) or Derek Williams' Free Market Economy (synthy sales ramblings recorded by a market stall trader in Doncaster).

Or Simon will be borderline libelous and we'll collapse into giggles, or Ann'll start dancing to the game music we play, or Ste'll press the wrong button on the radio desk and destroy everything, forever.

SO. We will try our hardest to stop those things from happening tonight and genuinely tell you something slightly secret that we're super excited about. Tune in at 8pm BST over on the One Life Left site (or some time from half seven if you want to hear the literally unbroadcastable transmission tests and preamble).

You'll know we're live because there'll be a big banner saying LIVE. If you go there before we're live you'll be able to stream the show. Simple.

Until tonight,

Ste, Simon and Ann


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