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Rune Factory DS heading to Europe

Harvest Moon with fighting.

Rising Star has announced plans to release Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon this September in Europe.

Rune Factory, you may recall from, er, all that copy we didn't write about it when it came out in Japan and the US last August, is a Harvest Moon game with an action-RPG twist.

That twist is that, in addition to being a standard-issue Harvest Moon farming type, toiling in the fields and so on, you're also an amnesiac swordsman with a murky past you're trying to uncover.

This you do by taking Mayor Godwin's instruction to go out and duff up local beasties, hoping, according to the delicately appointed press release description, that the deepest of the caves' secrets "holds the key to unlocking your past".

For some reason, there's also Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection support for swapping emails, screenshots and messages with other players.

And with Rune Factory due out here in September, presumably we can expect the recently released Rune Factory 2 in about 2028.