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Two Worlds gets second batch of DLC

Curse of Souls on Live now.

Two Worlds has another bundle of downloadable content available on Live Marketplace.

It costs 600 Points (GBP 5.10 / EUR 7.20), is called Curse of Souls, and only really caters to those of you doing Two Worlds online.

Inside it is the town of Tharnburg, which is a pleasant place split into two distinct halves. One area has lots of shops to by pretty frocks and things in, and the other part has a gladiatorial arena where you can fight and kill your friends.

Like the Tainted Blood content added in March, Curse of Souls has 35 fresh quests to embark on and sounds menacing.

Two Worlds is due an expansion pack next year too, dubbed The Temptation, which we think is rather ironic.

Pop over to our original Two Worlds review to find out why.

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Two Worlds

Xbox 360, PC

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