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Gears of War comic in October

Plot: "big guns and monsters".

DC Comics has teamed up with Epic to create a comic book based on the sweaty muscles of Gears of War.

WildStorm will be turning the artistic COGs, and hopes to have its pictures ready for October.

"Big guns and monsters - what a perfect comic book for WildStorm!" said Hank Kanalz, boss at WildStorm. "We have an opportunity to work closely with Epic to add to the canon of the Gears of War mythos, so you can imagine how excited we all are.

"Epic sets the bar very high, in graphics, story, and gameplay - and expect no less from our series, starting with our lead-in arc that fills in the gaps between the first game and the upcoming sequel."

WildStorm also recently revealed it was working on a comic book for shape-shifting action game Prototype.

Gears of War 2 will be released exclusively for Xbox 360 this November.