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The Coalition reportedly cancels two unannounced games to focus on Gears 6 next

In need of a Fenix.

Artwork showing Gears of War protagonist Marcus Fenix crouched with a gun in his hand while a fiery explosion fills the background.
Image credit: The Coalition/Xbox

Xbox studio The Coalition has reportedly cancelled two unannounced games in order to focus solely on its next project: Gears 6.

That's according to Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb, speaking on his Game Mess Mornings show, who claims this is a knock on from recent layoffs at Microsoft.

He said the developer had been working on two smaller projects, as well as support work on Halo Infinite and assisting Epic with its The Matrix Awakens Unreal Engine 5 tech demo.

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"They have cancelled that smaller project, as well as another project, so there have been two games cancelled there," said Grubb on the show.

"This was all reflected in the layoffs that happened at Microsoft, which did hit The Coalition a little bit. The studio is now going to move on fully to Gears 6. I say now, it has likely moved on to Gears 6 in full over the course of the last year, but definitely, that will be their next game."

Over on Twitter he made a similar claim in response to a question regarding The Coalition's smaller project.

"I mentioned it like summer 2021," he said. "I heard again around that Matrix demo that it was still working on it. But things could have changed. I do believe that work on Gears 6 has begun in full in the last year or so, though."

Gears 6 is yet to be officially announced by The Coalition, but is widely expected to be on the way. One line from Gears 5 potentially sets up a storyline.

In the meantime, a live-action film and animated series are in the works at Netflix, in partnership with The Coalition.

The film is set to be an adaptation of the games, with the series to follow. Dave Bautista is particularly keen to play game hero Markus Fenix.