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A single line from Gears 5's Lizzie Carmine sets the stage for the next Carmine brother

Brother, where art thou.

Lizzie Carmine gets some amazing new lines in Gears 5, one of which has provided plenty of speculation about the Carmine family at large.

If you get a headshot in Gears 5 multiplayer while playing as Lizzie, she sometimes says "this one's for you, uncle Anthony". This is a reference to Anthony Carmine, the OG Carmine who met his demise at the hands of a Locust sniper in the original Gears of War.

Cover image for YouTube videoGears of War 5 - All Carmine Family Cutscenes (Clayton Returns)

This has some intriguing implications. In Gears of War 2, if you opt to train new recruit Ben Carmine, Dominic Santiago asks Ben if he's got a brother, referencing Anthony. "Yeah all four of us, well three now," replies Ben.

So there are four Carmine brothers: Anthony, Ben, Clayton (from Gears 3 and 5), and a fourth unknown brother. This brother can't be Gears of War 4's Gary Carmine since he's around the same age as Lizzie. But it stands to reason this unknown fourth brother is Lizzie's father.

Thanks, Gears of War wiki.

Lizzie refers to Anthony and Clayton as "uncle", so they can't be her da. Ben is virtually eliminated from being her father due to his young age (and untimely death at a young age). So who is Lizzie's father?

We could always see him appear in the inevitable Gears 6. The ending of Gears 5 certainly sets up another game, and as we know after all these years, there's always a new Carmine with every Gears game (except for you, Judgment). It certainly seems reasonable the next Carmine we meet will be Lizzie's father, and it's surprising a single line from Lizzie in Gears 5's multiplayer component sets up this encounter.