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Gears 5 Relic Weapon locations: Where to find the Lancer Relic, Boltok Relic and all other Relic locations

Our guide to finding all hidden weapons throughout the campaign.

Gears 5 Relic Weapons are hidden throughout the game's open world sections, and are special variants that provide certain quirks that can help get you through the campaign on harder difficulties.

Not only that, but there are two Gears 5 Achievements tied to them. One requires you to equip a Relic in every weapon slot, while the other needs you to kill one enemy with each individual Relic Weapon.

Finding all Relic Weapons on your own can be a real hassle, so we've compiled a list of all their Relic Weapon locations - alongside what makes each one special - to save you some time and help out all you completionists out there.

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Gears 5 Act 2 - Chapter 2: Into The Wild Relic Weapon Locations

Here's where to find all Relic Weapon locations in Act 2, Chapter 2:

Enforcer Relic location

As you start Chapter 2, you'll have to stop to open a large metal door that blocks your skiff's path. Proceed through the caves to your left until you reach a cliff edge, then turn left. Walking forward you'll see a red Gears logo on the cliff wall, with the Enforcer relic hidden below it.

The Enforcer relic does more damage that a typical Enforcer, but also has a slower rate of fire. This makes the gun easier to handle than the original, and is great for clearing out weaker enemies.

Longshot Relic location

Once you ride the skiff off the cliff, head north while staying on the frozen lake. Eventually, you'll find an abandoned red house tucked away by some trees. Head inside this building and you'll find the Longshot relic on a blue table by a white Gears logo.

This weapon is spectacular, as it provides you an extra bullet per reload granted you do so perfectly, potentially doubling your ammo capacity.

Gears 5 Act 2 - Chapter 4: The Source Of It All Relic Locations

Here's where to find all Relic Weapon locations in Act 2, Chapter 4:

Retro Lancer Relic location

After you've made it past the Old Cog Wall, keep traveling west until you make it to a small ice lake. To the left of this lake will be 3 large rocks, walk up to the northernmost rock from the direction of the lake and you should see a red Gears symbol painted on it.

Walk up to the rock and walk right until you see a tree next to it, by this tree you'll find the Retro Lancer Relic.

This Relic comes with explosive rounds, that damage enemies close to where the ammunition combusts. Each shot uses up multiple rounds, but the damage you get in return makes it great at clearing groups of enemies.

Boltok Relic location

The Boltok Relic can be found near the southern Conder Crash Site. From the entrance to the crash site, head north down the slope then immediately turn right towards a large pile of broken ice.

The red Gears logo should be visible on the face of a large block of ice, walk right of the symbol and the gun can be found resting against the ice.

The Boltok Relic is easier to hip fire, and has far less recoil than the standard version. This gun is great at nailing quick consecutive headshots, and the hip fire allows for it to save you in a clutch melee encounter.

Boomshot Relic location

Starting from the entrance to the Northern Comm Tower, walk towards the substation on the right side of the path. Once you're there, look right and you should see two large machines with the Gears logo painted on the side.

Walk between these machines and the Boomshot will be found leaning against the side of the right one.

This version of the Boomshot is crazy good, with three shots being made available to you per reload instead of one. This means you can use this powerful explosive weapon far more liberally than usual, and clear packs of enemies far quicker.

Dropshot Relic location

From the northeastern Old Derrick Site by the giant frozen lake, head east towards a huge block of ice. Circle round the perimeter of this ice block until you reach a gap in its south-eastern side, where you will find the Dropshot hidden in the snow.

The Dropshot Relic works a lot like the original, except it freezes enemies it hits. This allows you to stop dangerous enemies like Pouncers and Wardens temporarily, and makes tricky fights a little easier.

Torque Bow Relic location

This Relic can be found on your way to the abandoned mine. From the entrance, walk right up hill past some tree stumps towards a wooden structure where the red Gears logo can be seen.

Once you're at the top of the hill, walk left and you should find the Torque Bow Relic resting against a wooden support.

This variation on the Torque bow fires non explosive bolts rather than the typical explosive ones but has a much larger ammo capacity, reload speed, and fire rate.

Gears 5 Act 3 - Chapter 3: Some Assembly Required Relic Locations

Here's where to find all Relic Weapon locations in Act 3, Chapter 3:

Talon Relic location

As soon as you leave the landing strip, head right and you should see hangers 1,2 and 3. Ride you skiff up to hanger 1 then walk to its right side. Sitting on the ground will be the Talon Relic.

When you successfully perform an active reload with the Talon Relic, its damage improves and the fire rate decreases. This allows you to manage the gun's recoil better, so that you can hit those powered-up bullets more consistently.

Gnasher Relic location

From the Water Tower, head directly north until you reach a fence. Once you get there, walk west along this fence and keep going until you reach a rocky area in the shadow of a large cliff. Here, on the ground, you can find the Gnasher Relic.

This version of the infamous shotgun fires a single slug rather than a spread, but this single shot does a ridiculous amount of damage. If your aim is good enough, this gun's a headshot machine, able to blow through almost anything with ease.

Claw Relic location

On the road between the Airport and the Rocket Hanger, you'll come across several circular buildings emerging out of the sand.

One of these buildings, the one closest to the old canal northeast of the South of the Pump Station, has the Gears Logo painted on the walls. Walk around the building until you find a small bush with the Claw Relic hidden inside.

When you hit an active reload with this weapon, the rate of fire increases much higher than a standard Claw, making the already powerful LMG deal loads of damage quickly.

Markza Relic location

From the front gate of the Pump Station, look towards the green flag in the car park that marks the entrance. Walk past it towards the cliff face where several destroyed cars are lined up and you'll see the Gears logo painted rock. In the boot of the car directly right of the logo is the Markza Relic.

The only difference between the relic and normal version of the Markza is ability to shoot fully automatically when you hold the trigger. This obviously lets you do more damage faster, and turns the gun from more of a precision weapon into a tool to quickly dispatch of an enemy or two.

Hammerburst Relic location

Heading directly east from the City Ruins, you'll come across a building with the Gears logo clearly viewable from the sand-covered roadside. Walk through the front gates and walk right. You'll find a dead soldier next to a weapons case, with the Hammerburst Relic lying inside.

The Hammerburst Relic initially shoots a smaller burst of bullets, but each consecutive shot increases the number of bullets used. Meaning that while the gun starts off worse, it gets far better the more you shoot it.

Snub Relic location

To find the Snub Relic, travel South East of the Rocket Hanger alongside the outskirts of the facility. Once you've passed the large radio tower, keep looking at the walls until you find the red Gears logo painted on the walls.Once you find it, walk up to the rocks just below it and you'll find the Snub Relic.

The changes to the Snub Relic are pretty simple, as the gun shoots a two-round burst each time you pull the trigger rather than the standard one.

Overkill Relic location

Just south of the Bridge Control House is a solitary rock in the middle near the train tracks. Next to this rock, surrounded with Deebee parts and, the Overkill Relic can be found.

This version of the Overkill can be fired automatically when they trigger is held down, so you can tear through larger enemies like Scions and Wardens incredibly quickly at close range.

Lancer Relic location

Directly east of the Train Bridge you can find the Cargo Shipwreck. Once you get to the entrance, walk around to the back of it instead of going inside. There you will find a gap in the wreckage, where the Lancer relic will be waiting.

This Relic comes equipped with a unique melee attack, which leaves enemies stunned. Once they're stunned, they become vulnerable to an easy knife or chainsaw execution. Bear in mind, this will only work against Drones, so don't go and try to smack a Snatcher with it.

Embar Relic location

After you get past the Windflare, you can find a Crashed Condor west of the Train Turntable. From the main wreckage, continue east to the tail of the plane. Here on top of a blue box you can find the Embar Relic.

The charge time required to shoot the Embar Relic is much longer than usual, but the damage it dishes out makes up for the slower rate-of-fire. Be sure to use this on larger enemies rather than drones where you can to make the most out of it.

Lancer GL Relic location

On the road to the Cosmonaut Training Facility south of the Water Tower, drive right off the main road west to another road underneath a cliff. Walk up to the centre support with a cactus to its left, and the Lancer GL Relic can be found near this cactus.

This Relic weapon's alt fire shoots a single explosive round in a straight line rather than an explosive barrage that shoots down from the sky, which detonates when it hits a surface or detects a nearby enemy.

This means that you can finally use the Lancer GL indoors without accidentally blowing yourself up, making it generally more useful than its counterpart.