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June 2009 Archive

    1. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
    2. Three DLC packs for Red Faction
    3. Painkiller dev reveals Dreamkiller
    4. WOW to enable faction-swapping
    5. No LAN support for StarCraft II
    6. Tigon: Hollywood needs to wake up
    7. The Red Faction Tech Interview: Part One
    8. Sony's Emotion Engine Patent Tells Us Nothing New
    9. XBLA King of Fighters '98 tomorrow
    10. Chinese government bans gold farming
    11. Aliens vs. Predator
    12. Carmack: EA held Wolf RPG back
    13. ngmoco reinstates Rolando to App Store
    14. Xbox Live does Canal+ deal
    15. Aion beta keys now activated!
    16. Fable II: Knothole Island reduced
    17. Bond "constrained" Dead Space team
    18. PS3 Slim for autumn - report
    19. Marriage announcement outs Fable III?
    20. QuakeCon relocates to Gaylord Texan
    21. Halo: Reach may employ Natal tech
    22. Anno: Create A New World
    1. Sony trails updates
    2. Rising Star picks Fragile for Europe
    3. Coming Soon: The Definitive Game Latency Showdown
    4. Worms 2 for XBLA this Wednesday
    5. Mythic focusing on RvR, Tier 4 endgame
    6. Battlefield Heroes finally goes live
    7. Trine PC demo available now
    8. Sony staffing up for iPhone rival - report
    9. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
    10. Suzuki becomes deputy PlayStation boss
    11. Lost Planet 2 demo for XBL "soon"
    12. RedLynx releases DrawRace for iPhone
    13. UK Charts: Fight Night 4 the champ
    14. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
    15. Marvel vs Capcom 2 for "late July"
    16. Champions Online open beta in August
    17. EA/Spielberg LMNO project not dead
    18. Muzyka: "no change" to BioWare or Mythic
    19. No same-character replay for ME2
    20. Obsidian confirms demise of Aliens RPG
    21. Free Realms to break 4m users soon
    22. StarCraft II
    23. WOW held up StarCraft II for a year
    1. Ridge Racer 7: The 1080p Dream
    2. Red Faction: V-Sync Video Shows Extra Class
    1. Expansions announced for EverQuests
    1. PAL New Releases Roundup - 26/06/09
    2. MS marketing for XBLC games "woeful"
    3. XNA Community Games Roundup
    4. The collectors
    5. Klonoa: Door to Phantomile
    6. Metal Gear Arcade: The Next Gen 3D Showcase
    7. Wurm Online
    8. PSN to expand to cameras, TVs next year?
    9. Uncharted movie in development
    10. PopCap's Zuma heads PAL PSN update
    11. Tecmo iPhone trio features girls
    12. Gearbox confirms War Hero project
    1. ArmA II demo marches online
    2. Fight Night Round 4
    3. Serious Sam HD also coming to PC
    4. PS3 Fallout 3 DLC is nearly done
    5. Another Code R: A Journey Into Lost Memories
    6. Eurogamer Denmark launches
    7. Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
    8. EA: we will still publish Rage
    9. Reeves to speak at GamesCon Germany
    10. Croteam making Serious Sam for XBLA
    11. The Path developer doing Salomé game
    12. Last Remnant PS3 hopes fade further
    13. Zeno Clash to be half-price this weekend
    14. Gearbox trademarks War Hero
    15. Original Beatles advising on Rock Band
    16. Romero initially outraged by id acquisition
    17. Square Enix being sued by FFXI player
    18. EA merges Mythic and BioWare
    1. Carmack was "tired" of publisher deals
    2. Bethesda acquires id Software
    3. WAR opens the Land of the Dead
    4. Sky Broadband sorry for PSN problems
    5. Face-Off Extra: Sacred 2 1080p Performance Analysis
    6. XBLC games not "financially viable"
    7. Wii Sports Resort
    8. Take-Two's Ben Feder
    9. Modern Warfare co-op is for two players
    10. Trials HD takes series to "next dimension"
    11. Vivendi didn't believe in Riddick, claims Tigon
    12. Over 300 companies up for GamesCom
    13. Age of Conan gets new RPG system
    14. New PS3 firmware update coming soon
    15. Mexican wrestling game on the way
    16. Fallout 3: Point Lookout
    17. Microsoft confirms acquisition of 3DV
    18. Number of PSN accounts hits 25 million
    1. LOTRO Book 8 for EU on Thursday
    2. Spore: Galactic Adventures
    3. Only hard drive size holding 360 back
    4. MS unveils new 360 wireless mic
    5. Aion heads to Europe in September
    6. Tropico is coming to Xbox 360
    7. Punisher shooter for PSN next week
    8. Final Fantasy XIII
    9. Mass Effect Galaxy out for iPhone
    10. Uncharted 2 voted best game of E3
    11. Realtime to reveal second MMO next year
    12. Cursed Mountain
    13. White Stripes man slags off music games
    14. Garou also on XBLA tomorrow
    15. 3D Realms: 2K had another Duke game
    16. Tekken 6 gets October US release
    17. A tale of Monkey Island
    18. XBLA Tales of Monkey Island possible
    1. Ballmer "sorry" for new Xbox remarks
    2. GTA: Chinatown Wars for PSP
    3. Grand Slam Tennis
    4. Last Guardian E3 Trailer: Is It Really In-Game?
    5. EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis
    6. Virtua Tennis 2009
    7. Japan charts: Xbox 360 catching PS3
    8. UK charts: Prototype works for Acti
    9. ChampMan 2010 heads to September
    10. Live Championship Manager interview
    11. Controversial Antichrist film gets game
    12. "Yes you can," EA tells President Obama
    13. Droplitz for XBLA this Wednesday
    14. Sacred 2 expansion still in the works
    15. Mortal Kombat 9 in works, is "sick"
    16. Namco finishing Splatterhouse for 2010
    17. Ballmer was talking about Natal, says MS
    18. Left 4 Dead toolset, user maps this week
    19. Four PS3 wands can be used at once
    20. Sony responds to Activision's threats
    21. No Fat Princess this week after all
    1. Overlord: Dark Legend
    2. Overlord II
    1. In Theory: How Microsoft could build a new 360 for 2010
    2. Social Animals
    1. Editor's blog: Grand Slam Tennis to be re-reviewed
    2. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
    3. New Xbox 360 "doesn't make sense"
    4. New PAL Releases Roundup - 19/06/09
    5. Activision "might stop supporting Sony"
    6. Madballs return in summer XBLA game
    7. EA Sports Active
    8. A month of Xbox Live Gold for a quid
    9. Sex scandal MP expenses football game?
    10. No public beta for Battlefield 1943
    11. Two for WiiWare, one for DSiWare
    12. WOW: PVP levelling in next patch
    13. Capcom updates BC Rearmed
    14. MS boss Ballmer confirms "new Xbox"
    15. Capcom dates and details MotoGP 09/10
    16. John Schappert leaves Microsoft for EA
    17. Updated: Full Criterion Interview Now Live
    18. The Criterion Tech Interview: Part Two
    1. Live Battlefield 1943 interview
    2. Sgt. Johnson for ODST pre-orders
    3. Spinal Tap leads PSN refresher
    4. Xbox Originals amalgamated by GOD
    5. Microsoft confirms 512MB X360 Arcade
    6. Wii reviewers are the problem - Braben
    7. Microsoft tackling Marketplace issues
    8. Anno 1404 demo released
    9. Unbound Saga stomps to PSP in July
    10. DC Universe Online
    11. BioShock and Oblivion UK bundle dated
    12. Euro Home gets Everybody's Golf space
    13. Warrior Epic to expand in July
    14. Factor 5 accused of fraud by staff
    15. Early and beta access for Aion pre-orders
    16. US retailers price DJ Hero, Band Hero
    17. PC Ghostbusters lack of MP explained
    18. More goodies for Metal Gear Online
    19. EyePet
    1. World of Goo launches Great Indie Games
    2. SEGA pushes Conduit to July
    3. Marketing rules Wii, not quality - report
    4. APB
    5. Kim: Natal is a relaunch of Xbox 360
    6. New "culturally British" test for games
    7. New ratings logos green-lit for UK
    8. UK "centre of excellence" proposed
    9. COD online to be subscription-based?
    10. ArmA II
    11. EQ2 gets Monument and Might update
    12. PAIN to get Blu-ray release next week
    13. Aion open beta to run in August
    14. Midway Newcastle flaunts cop game
    15. SEGA Vintage Collection
    16. The Criterion Tech Interview: Part One
    1. Let's Tap, Let's Catch out this Friday
    2. PEGI becomes UK standard for games
    3. Magic: The Gathering for XBLA tomorrow
    4. Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time
    5. Live Battlefield 1943 Q&A on Thursday
    6. Muramasa: The Demon Blade
    7. TF2 master-maps offered to modders
    8. No Aliens: Colonial Marines this year
    9. Obama mentions videogames!
    10. Miller: T2 lawsuit "knee-deep in BS"
    11. Chronos Twins remake for WiiWare
    12. TMNT Smash-Up gets release date
    13. Games to cost $60m, says Ubisoft boss
    14. DJ Hero soundtrack is all original
    15. Microsoft sources play down reports of new Xbox in 2010
    16. Why Natal Won't Launch with 'Xbox Plus'
    17. Miyamoto: you need a controller to hold
    1. Fight Night Round 4: Technical Knockout on PS3
    2. Star Wars: The Old Republic
    3. Devs' blog: Article Karma beta testing
    4. UK charts: suburb week for Sims 3
    5. Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings
    6. Dead to Rights: Retribution
    7. FFXIII 360 was begun two months ago
    8. Konami adds bikinis to MGO
    9. Tetris: the "definition of a virtual sport"
    10. Show Your Working
    11. Christians decry fake Dante protest
    12. New Xbox 360 console next autumn?
    13. Tim Curry to appear in Brutal Legend
    14. Nintendo teases Tingle DS game
    15. Molyneux to help give Rare an identity
    16. PSPgo battery "equivalent" to old ones
    17. 80-player WOW battleground detailed
    18. Kojima "deeply" involved with MGS Rising
    19. New Zelda to require MotionPlus add-on
    20. Rockstar using new Payne voice actor
    1. Criterion: Nobody's maxed out PS3/360
    1. Forza 3 has Le Mans tracks, modes
    2. Tretton: our industry can't keep secrets
    3. Runes of Magic to expand in September
    4. Neversoft hints at turntable control for GH
    5. Charts: Japan hearts Kingdom Hearts
    6. Cult Classics: PlayStation 2
    7. Cult Classics: PlayStation 2
    8. Brink
    9. Assassin's Creed 2 Euro date confirmed
    10. Editor's blog: EG Expo publisher list
    11. Pachter regrets calling PSPgo a "rip-off"
    12. WOW slashes mount requirements
    13. Sam & Max S1 coming to Xbox Live
    14. Just Cause 2: Grappling For Glory
    15. New PAL Releases Roundup - 12/06/09
    16. Free Saints Row 2 fashion DLC today
    17. Super Smash Bros. on Virtual Console
    18. Valve has "good reasons" for Ep3 silence
    19. Peggle just 59 pence on App Store
    20. New name for Xbox Community Games
    21. Natal not targeting existing casual gamers
    22. MS defends full-price for Halo: ODST
    23. NPD estimates XBLA/PSN downloads
    24. Nintendo claims victory in May NPD
    25. UFC is undisputed US champ for May
    1. Final WAR Call to Arms event dated
    2. PSN update: VidZone launches today
    3. Virtua Tennis Wii out next Friday
    4. WOW regional finals dated, detailed
    5. No more Godfather games, says EA
    6. Monster Hunter PSP bundle detailed
    7. Peripheral Vision
    8. Just Cause 2
    9. Dragonica goes into open beta
    10. E3: Ubisoft making all-new TMNT for Wii
    11. PSP firmware update available
    12. Just Cause 2
    13. Battlestations maps erupt onto Live
    14. THQ tackling UFC 2009 cheaters
    15. Big Surf Island costs a tenner
    16. New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
    17. Nintendo announces DS Classroom
    18. Ubisoft details Your Shape
    19. ngmoco not planning 3GS exclusives
    20. Moore: Metacritic's irrelevant to Wii
    21. Gabe Newell restates L4D1 support
    22. Carmack: Software holding back iPhone
    23. iPhone Doom III spin-off imminent
    24. Console Crysis 2 a "breakthrough"
    25. SEGA Mega Drive classics hit XBLA
    26. VidZone launches on PSN today
    27. Prototype PS3 install bug workaround
    28. Riccitiello confirms Criterion NFS game
    29. Rock Band Unplugged
    1. Call of Duty: World At War Performance Analysis
    2. Hirai cautions against early conclusions
    3. COD: WAW map pack 2 tomorrow
    4. ACE Team doing Zeno Clash DLC
    5. THQ's Rocket Riot for XBLA next Wed
    6. FIFA man bigs up 360-degree control
    7. E4 hosting a Summer of Games
    8. MS: Natal will work with "all ethnicities"
    9. Prototype
    10. Puzzle Quest dev doing new game
    11. Wallace & Gromit Ep 3 next Tuesday
    12. D&D Online goes free-to-play
    13. CCP to make announcement in August
    14. Pandora music "possible" on Xbox 360
    15. GH: Greatest Hits demo on Live
    16. No game tie-in for new Hobbit movie
    17. Multiplayer confirmed for SC: Conviction
    18. Cryptic making Neverwinter Nights MMO?
    19. EA boss: Motion could take half the market
    20. Natal will reinvent games industry - Kim
    21. Xbox Live maintenance next Tuesday
    22. Balding Max Payne 3 sighted
    23. E3: Iwata shows Wii Vitality Sensor
    24. Iwata expected rival motion tech in 2008
    25. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
    1. Assassin's Creed 2: E3 Debut Analysis
    2. Fallujah game may reappear yet
    3. Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta
    4. Zeno Clash heading to console
    5. Star Ocean: The Last Hope
    6. Pokemon remakes come with pedometer
    7. PSP Resi designed "with PSPgo in mind"
    8. Gamers will upgrade to PS3 later - House
    9. Dead or Alive creator slags off Bayonetta
    10. Sony not doing Trophies for PSP
    11. Fight Night and MMA to alternate
    12. Microsoft touts "amazing" XBLA summer
    13. Apple shows 16GB/32GB iPhone 3GS
    14. 360's game creator Kodu due soon
    1. Eurogamer's Best of E3 2009
    2. Team ICO pack for LBP this week
    3. GDC: My games aren't art, says ICO man
    4. ICO creator to speak at GDC
    5. Sony boss praises Ico team's new game
    6. ICO creator to speak at Nordic Game 08
    7. "ICO 3" image pops up in job ad
    8. MS details for Xbox Live
    9. Japan chart: all-change for top 10
    10. UK charts: The Sims 3 rides high
    11. Miyamoto: We've got 5 years' experience
    12. Tecmo unveils Undead Knights for PSP
    13. Turn 10: Polyphony checked out Forza
    14. Bethesda toying with iPhone Fallout
    15. EA has "maxed out" 360, but not PS3
    16. German ministers attack "Killerspiele"
    17. L4D community rallies against sequel
    18. Modern Warfare 2 is direct sequel
    19. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10
    20. God of War 3 Impresses at E3
    1. ODST: Halo Evolved
    1. New PAL Releases Roundup - 05/06/09
    2. E3: Valve not "closing the book" on L4D
    3. E3: Rare working on Natal projects
    4. Smash Bros. user content to stop
    5. Sony reveals SingStar: Take That
    6. E3: ModNation Racers
    7. E3: Devs could add Natal to old games
    8. E3: Microsoft's John Schappert
    9. E3: PSPgo to get UMD-to-digital solution
    10. Vivendi sues Brutal Legend developer
    11. FFIV: The After Years on WiiWare
    12. E3: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
    13. E3: Post-Natal Discussion
    14. Final Fantasy VII is eight quid on PSN
    15. Trash Panic
    16. E3: Borderlands arrives this October
    17. E3: Tekken 6 has beat-'em-up campaign
    18. E3: Borderlands
    19. E3: MGS PSone for PSN this month
    1. PS Home update adds photo-uploads
    2. Scottish dev ditches Guantanamo game
    3. E3: Greenberg: PS3 wand is "fun" like Wii
    4. E3: Jade Raymond exec-producing AC2
    5. Glossy black Wii for Japan soon
    6. Overlord II demo on Xbox Live
    7. E3: Forza Motorsport 3
    8. E3: Xbox Originals will stop soon
    9. Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta: First Impressions and Video
    10. E3: Halo: Reach for autumn 2010
    11. E3: Left 4 Dead 2
    12. E3: Gran Turismo PSP
    13. E3: Rockstar's Agent is "genre-defining"
    14. E3: MGS: Rising for PC, PS3, 360
    15. E3: Mass Effect 2
    16. E3: James Cameron's Avatar: The Game
    17. E3: Final Fantasy VII on PSN today
    18. Assassin's, Splinter Cell backed with DLC
    19. Ubisoft working on 3D glasses games
    20. Ubisoft gives Avatar a rough date
    21. Ubisoft doing Avatar game
    22. Avatar game to feature 3D glasses?
    23. E3: Valve explains L4D2 exclusivity
    24. E3: Last Guardian beast is a cateagle
    25. E3: Modern Warfare 2
    26. E3: Microsoft promotes Peter Molyneux
    27. E3: Final Fantasy XIV Online
    28. E3: Wolfenstein
    29. E3: Kojima to be hands-off for MGS Rising
    1. E3: Kojima overseeing new Castlevania
    2. E3: Kojima announces Metal Gear Arcade
    3. E3: FFXIV Online for PS3 and PC
    4. E3: Crysis 2 pushes PS3 to "limits"
    5. E3: Trials HD confirmed for XBLA
    6. E3: Sony details Fat Princess PSP
    7. E3: Sony reveals echochrono for PSP
    8. E3: Rockstar North exclusive for PS3
    9. E3: Kojima Twitter mystery solved
    10. E3: Fallout 3: Point Lookout dated
    11. E3: Yarnton: No Wii price cut this year
    12. E3: Nintendo's David Yarnton
    13. E3: Beatles: Rock Band DLC restricted
    14. E3: Darksiders date revelation
    15. E3: MS execs: Natal not derived from 3DV
    16. E3: Lost Planet 2 confirmed for PS3
    17. E3: Games-on-demand does re-downloads
    18. E3: Halo 3: ODST
    19. E3: Project Natal
    20. E3: Hawk: Natal "not accurate enough"
    21. E3: MGS: Rising is multiplatform
    22. E3: R.U.S.E works on MS touch-table
    23. E3: Crackdown 2 MP player counts
    24. E3: SmackDown vs RAW 2010 revealed
    25. E3: Kratos in Soulcalibur PSP
    26. E3: Perfect Dark N64 for Xbox Live
    27. E3: Alan Wake
    28. E3: New Super Mario Bros. Wii
    29. Face-Offs Go High Def
    30. E3: Mario Galaxy 2 is "90 per cent new"
    31. E3: Miyamoto demos NSMB Wii
    1. E3: Assassin's Creed 2 connects to PSP ver
    2. E3: God of War III
    3. E3: God of War III in March 2010
    4. E3: Buzz! Quiz World for PS3 and PSP
    5. E3: PSP development made cheaper
    6. E3: SingStar: Motown later this year
    7. E3: PS3 VidZone out next week
    8. E3: "PSPgo" priced and dated
    9. Sony E3 Conference
    10. E3: ModNation Racers is LBP for karting
    11. E3: Trico finally shown, renamed
    12. E3: Resident Evil coming to PSP
    13. E3: Gran Turismo PSP in October
    14. E3: Konami demos new MGS PSP
    15. E3: New Super Mario Bros. Wii
    16. E3: Mario & Luigi 3 this October
    17. E3: Metroid Prime Trilogy dated
    18. E3: Upload DSi photos to Facebook
    19. E3: Super Mario Galaxy 2 announced
    20. E3: Metroid: Other M unveiled for Wii
    21. E3: Molyneux and Milo
    22. Nintendo E3 Conference
    23. E3: More Wii Sports Resort shown
    24. Ubi's Killing Day and COP trademarks
    25. E3: Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes
    26. E3: Singularity
    27. E3: DJ Hero
    28. E3: Tony Hawk: Ride
    29. E3: Guitar Hero 5
    30. E3: Ubisoft's Cop: The Recruit shown
    31. E3: Golden Sun for DS in 2010
    32. E3: Wii Fit Plus announced
    33. E3: KOEI reveals Legends of Troy
    34. Dynasty dev making new action RPG
    35. Rape games outlawed in Japan
    36. E3: Spielberg: Natal a "whole new world"
    37. E3: Konami unveils Zephyr
    38. E3: Ubisoft working with Mizuguchi
    39. Uncharted 2 beta starts this Wednesday
    40. E3: Report: APB still heading to 360
    41. E3: EA Sports Active to get expansion
    42. E3: Kojima turning to Castlevania?
    43. Nintendo DSi hits 1m in Europe
    44. E3 Editor's blog: games go A-list
    45. Gears 2 expansion gets price cut
    46. Check Out 360's 1080p Smooth Streaming Tech Now
    47. E3: Left 4 Dead 2 detailed
    48. E3: Homefront
    49. E3: Molyneux showcases Natal tech
    50. E3: MS unveils hands-free Project Natal
    51. E3: MGS: Rising for PC/PS3 too?
    52. E3: Red Steel 2 bundled with WMP
    53. E3: Milius Homefront role clarified
    54. E3: Assassin's Creed 2 gets release date
    55. Assassin's Creed 2 to arrive in November
    56. E3: Ubi unveils Your Shape
    57. E3: Pele shows off new Wii exclusive
    58. E3: James Cameron bigs up Avatar game
    59. E3: Ubi working with Spielberg, Jackson
    1. E3: SWTOR to be first fully-voiced MMO
    2. E3: EA to publish Realtime's APB
    3. E3: Ozzy Osbourne to star in Brutal Legend
    4. E3: Electronic Arts unveils MMA
    5. E3: Crackdown 2 and Left 4 Dead 2
    6. E3: New Metal Gear confirmed for 360
    7. E3: No comment on MGS formats
    8. E3: Halo 3: ODST dated, Reach confirmed
    9. E3: Games-on-demand service for Live
    10. E3: Win Avatar extras by playing games
    11. E3: 360 getting Facebook, Twitter,
    12. E3: Modern Warfare 2 DLC 360 exclusive
    13. E3: Real Beatles show off game
    14. Microsoft E3 Conference
    15. E3: Alan Wake confirmed for spring 2010
    16. E3: Forza 3 officially unveiled
    17. E3: Final Fantasy XIII 360 in spring
    18. E3: Bungie working on Halo: Reach?
    19. E3: outs Halo: Reach?
    20. Cooking Mama 3 out this Christmas
    21. E3: New Telltale series is Monkey Island
    22. Doom iPhone submission next month
    23. Uncharted 2: Tech Analysis
    24. DiRT 2 HD Video Analysis
    25. E3: Epic has "something new to announce"
    26. The Sims 3
    27. Fat Princess out in June
    28. E3: MotorStorm 2 expands again
    29. Final Fantasy VII PS3/PSP heading West
    30. Warner confirms LEGO Harry Potter
    31. E3: New Front Mission unveiled
    32. E3: EA announces Crysis 2
    33. E3: Square Enix unveils Nier
    34. UK charts: UFC is the undisputed champ
    35. FIFA 10 debuts in EA's monster E3 line-up
    36. Editor's blog: Eurogamer at E3
    37. Tricia Helfer to star in Halo ODST
    38. E3: Morhaime: Starcraft II probably in 09
    39. E3: New Wii Fit, Mario, Zelda at E3 - report
    40. E3: No Miyamoto for Nintendo conference
    41. E3: EA dates Dragon Age, Dead Space Wii
    42. E3: New Wii Fit, Mario for Japan this year
    43. Greenberg: E3 leak is "uninformed"
    44. E3: Molyneux reveal during MS conf?
    45. E3: Kojima tease now suggests new IP
    46. E3: Sony Qore accidentally outs PSP Go
    47. E3: Sony's Koller: PSP Go out this autumn
    48. E3: Microsoft conference brought forward
    49. EA unveils Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online
    50. Wii MotionPlus
    51. Full Guitar Hero 5 band list confirmed
    52. UK chart: UFC knocks Wii Fit off pedestal
    53. BF1943 gets fourth unlockable map
    54. Battlefield 1943 to cost around a tenner
    55. Wolf and Wolf 3D European dates
    56. LEGO Indiana Jones 2 announced
    57. Eminem, Jay-Z to front DJ Hero
    58. Batman: Arkham Asylum dated
    59. Swords & Soldiers