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Namco finishing Splatterhouse for 2010

Using members of discarded dev team.

Namco Bandai plans to finish Splatterhouse without out-of-favour developer BottleRocket and release the PS3 and Xbox 360 game next year.

The publisher wouldn't specify "early" or "late" 2010, according to GameSpot, but has picked up a handful of former-BottleRocket staff to see the job through.

Namco Bandai apparently pulled BottleRocket off the project for "performance" reasons, a claim later rubbished by the developer, who called Namco Bandai's management of the title "inept".

Splatterhouse is a re-imagining of the gory arcade beat-'em-up from 1988. The game follows a university student who gains great power and bloodlust from an ancient mask that makes him look not unlike Jason from Friday the 13th.

All we've seen of the troubled project so far is one short, violent trailer.