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XBLA Tales of Monkey Island possible

"I wouldn't rule it out," says director.

Telltale Games design director Dave Grossman has said Tales of Monkey Island may appear on Xbox Live Arcade after release on PC and WiiWare, which launch this summer.

"We didn't so much decide not to put it on Xbox Live Arcade as we decided not to put it on XBLA now," Grossman told Eurogamer in an interview published this morning. "Normally what we do is PC and one of the other platforms, and we've been bouncing back and forth between them.

"Yeah, I mean I wouldn't rule it out. We might do that one later on."

The first episode of Tales of Monkey Island, Launch of the Screaming Narwhal, arrives for PC on 7th July. A WiiWare date is still TBC - a minor drawback of introducing a third party, explained Grossman.

And while PC, WiiWare and Xbox Live Arcade have been the target so far, Grossman said the real dream is to span every possible platform, including PS3.

"We just haven't gotten there yet," he said. "Ultimately, we would like to be on every downloadable channel there is. We think that's the perfect place for our stuff to be.

"It was just luck of the draw how the business relationships worked out and what chips were falling where. And we have to get our engine working on the platform, which is quite a bit of work, so we only want to do one at a time.

"We wound up doing Xbox," he added, "but maybe later we'll do PlayStation - we'll see."

As for Mac and Linux, Grossman told us Telltale will "get there", but it's a matter of "how and when and can we actually afford to do it".

"But I'd like to see that, too," he said.

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