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Tales of Monkey Island gets box release

Collector's Edition detailed.

Telltale Game's formerly download-only Tales of Monkey Island series is to get a full PC retail release in Europe, publisher Lace Mamba Global has announced.

It's taken awhile – this was first discussed in March last year – but you'll be able to pick up all five parts of the episodic series in stores from 8th April.

There will be two versions available. The Premium Edition, which will set you back around £29.99, includes the game and some additional bonus digital content: a production art gallery, desktop wallpapers and forum avatars.

The Collector's Edition offers richer booty however. For £49.99 you'll get the following swag:

  • A map of the Gulf of Melange
  • A Voodoo Card
  • A Drink Coaster from Club 41
  • A Pirate piece of Eight coin
  • The Trial of the Century badge

The episodic series launched on PC and WiiWare back in 2009, before heading to PlayStation Network late last year. Jolly good fun it is too – Eurogamer's Dan Whitehead awarded the first episode 8/10.