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Tales of Monkey Island in a box soon

Digital adventure gets retail extras.

In case you hadn't noticed, Telltale's Tales of Monkey Island PC adventure series is being put on disc this spring.

The box, available to pre-order from the Telltale Shop right now, costs $34.95 (£22.90) and offers the full five-game series on both PC and Mac. Plus, extras: design team commentary videos, official trailers, cliff-hanger videos, wallpapers and a sneak peak at new series Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse.

There's a Deluxe Edition, too. In here are collectible replicas of in-game items as well as all the guff from the standard box. There's a Voodoo card, Piratey Piece of Eight, coaster from Club 41, souvenir button from the Trial of the Century and a fancy slipcase cover for the DVD drawn by Steve Purcell.

If you've already bought all five episodes digitally, an upgrade to snag all of these collectibles will cost $14.95 (£9.80). If not, and you want the full Deluxe Edition, you'll need to pay $49.95 (£32.70).

Tales of Monkey Island successfully spun a new adventure from one of the most cherished IPs in gaming's history. Eurogamer played all five episodes for a Tales of Monkey Island: Season 1 review - take a look.

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