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Wallace & Gromit Ep 3 next Tuesday

Plus: Tales of Monkey Island gets start date.

Telltale Games has said Episode 3 of the Wallace & Gromit adventure series will be available to download on PC next Tuesday 16th June.

Episodes 2 and 3 will be available from Xbox Live Arcade "in the near future".

Episode 3, dubbed Muzzled, tells the story of town newcomer Monty Muzzle, who Gromit soon realises is raising money for the dog shelter in a none too charitable way.

You can find out more about Episode 3 and the entire Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventure Series on the Telltale Website. The fourth and last episode, The Bogey Man, will be released next month.

Telltale, recently revealed its next episodic series to be none other than Tales of Monkey Island for PC and Wii. There will be five chapters in all, with the first to arrive on 7th July.

The entire series can be pre-ordered for the discount price of USD 34.95 (GBP 21), which is the same price the entire Wallace & Gromit four-part adventure series can be snapped up for. Individually, the Wallace & Gromit episodes cost USD 8.95 (GBP 5.50).