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Wallace and Gromit VR game headed to Meta Quest 2

A grand day in.

Lovable plasticine pals Wallace and Gromit are getting a new video game - and this time, it's a VR title for Meta Quest 2.

Wallace and Gromit in the Grand Getaway was announced tonight via a quick teaser trailer at the Future Game Show. In it, we see a return of the duo's spaceship from 1989 adventure A Grand Day Out, which Wallace has apparently piloted to an alien world.

Where have Wallace and Gromit got to? Judging by the purple ringed planet in the sky and the sci-fi mountains nearby, this isn't anywhere nearby. Let's take a look:

Wallace and Gromit in the Grand Getaway reveal trailer. Watch on YouTube

Further details are thin on the ground, other than the fact this game will launch sometime in 2023.

This isn't the first time Wallace and Gromit have crossed over into the world of video games. The duo starred in a couple of games for PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox - Project Zoo, and film tie-in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit - back in the early 2000s, before getting a four-part episodic Telltale Games series in 2009.

Wallace and Gromit are also returning in film form, with a BBC and Netflix project set to launch in 2024.

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