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Telltale doing Wallace & Gromit games

Episodic like Sam & Max.

Telltale Games, famed for the Sam & Max adventure series, will be shaping Wallace & Gromit into a batch of episodic games.

You'll be able to play as either of the cheese-loving but ultimately helpful and sometimes inventive duo, and Telltale is working hard to retain the clay-moulded stop-motion animation look.

The idea is to have lots of physical and spur of the moment comedy, similar to the many animated films, plus plenty of quirky contraptions and money-making schemes to explore.

"We feel like the gameplay should be more of an experience. You should be able to interact with the other characters and really feel like you're in the world of Wallace & Gromit," Dan Connors, Telltale boss, told the Associated Press.

Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures will be dished out in a similar fashion to Sam & Max which, if you remember, arrived promptly, cheaply and fairly admirably.

There are no details on platforms or dates just yet - perhaps the penguin-chicken has them. The Telltale website promises more information on Monday.

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