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Write dialogue for Guybrush or Sam

Croteam and Telltale's similar compos.

Croteam and Telltale Games have independently announced a pair of similar competitions to get dialogue written by you into their games - Serious Sam HD and Tales of Monkey Island respectively.

Serious Sam fans can submit one-liners to the Twitter of Devolver Digital between now and the end of the month, and the best one will make it into the game.

Meanwhile, Tales of Monkey Island fans can submit lines about how they have been wronged by Guybrush Threepwood through Telltale's website for inclusion in a future episode.

"I never get any thanks for the wonderfully poetic and emotionally layered lines I write for Sam 'Serious' Stone," said an overworked and underpaid writer at Croteam. "So guess what? Let someone else take a crack at it and see how hard it is. These witty remarks don't write themselves you know."

For its part, Telltale said: "Should your line be deemed hilarious - or at least not groanworthy - by your fellow Monkey Island fans, your dialogue could end up in a future Tales of Monkey Island episode along with a credit in the game! Get involved now through midnight PST, August 10, 2009!"