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E3: Trico finally shown, renamed

Ueda's The Last Guardian.

Sony has finally unveiled the third game from Fumito Ueda's Sony Japan team, previously codenamed Trico. Now it's called The Last Guardian.

In a polished re-run of the leaked trailer from a while ago, we see an Ico-esque boy's first encounter with the winged cat/rat/bird thing that he seems to befriend, while that music from Miller's Crossing plays over the top.

Kiddo climbs on the creature's head and surveys a crumbling city as the sun sets over a mountain range, and then we see the other sights: cat/bird/wotsit meowing/crawing at him emotively, boy sneaking up on it while it appears to sleep in the shadows, and various shots of co-operation.

There are bridges giving way as the boy clings to the creature's tail, gloriously pretty underwater bits, lots of lush vegetation and dancing insects caught by the sunlight - and some grumpy swordsmen, who fall foul to physics-based deaths.

The footage goes into more depth than the leak overall, with a mixture of platform and puzzle-style scenes and more peaceful, er, sleeping scenes.

It's due out for PlayStation 3 exclusively, although we didn't catch a date from Sony America boss Jack Tretton.