The Last Guardian

Does the successor to Ico and Shadow of the Colossus live up to its lineage? It does so much more.


Digital Foundry | The Last Guardian at 60fps is a joy on PlayStation 5

But you need the original disc version to make it happen.

Shadow of Colossus creator Fumito Ueda offers update on his mysterious new game

"What we're making now doesn't feel like an indie game".

Fumito Ueda's studio shows a picture of what could be its new game

A girl and a giant, titled Beauty and the Beast.

Feature | 2016 was the year that Japanese games struck back

Japanese video game makers look to their past to define their future.

Dead Rising 4 outsold The Last Guardian

But it did beat Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

Digital Foundry | Tech Analysis: The Last Guardian

Digital Foundry tracks the game's progress from initial target render to final code.

Digital Foundry | Face-Off: The Last Guardian

Digital Foundry compares three very different ways to play this beautiful game.

The Last Guardian media kit includes a heartfelt message from creator Fumito Ueda

"... we ran into a few twists and turns along the way…"

The Last Guardian is getting PS4 Pro support

4K support, improved performance and HDR inbound.

The Last Guardian delayed again

Now out December 2016.

Feature | The Last Guardian: the first 40 minutes

It's real, it has a release date, and we've played it.

The Last Guardian re-emerges, on track for 2016 release

And now Trico can fire lightning from his tail.

Feature | Going face to face with The Last Guardian

Trico's at Tokyo Game Show (but not how you might have hoped).

Feature | The E3 Bulletin: Thursday

Shenmue! Ghost Recon! Zelda! Mirror's Edge!

PS3 Last Guardian trailer was "specced up" for the occasion

Wasn't like that in real life, hence the problems.

The Last Guardian lives! Still directed by Fumito Ueda

Due next year. Trailer shows gameplay.

The Last Guardian E3 rumour rumbles again

Plus, is Mark Cerny involved?

Feature | Tomb Raider, Vita's no-show and the mystery of 10m PS4 sales

Our Gamescom interview with Sony's Shuhei Yoshida.

It's time for your latest update on The Last Guardian - again

Don't hold your breath for it being at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

It's time for your latest update on The Last Guardian

"People are going through this roller coaster of emotions, and it's our fault for not releasing the game yet."

Feature | Developers' Most Anticipated Games of 2014

Titanfall! Destiny! The Witcher 3! The Last Guardian (hopefully)!

The Last Guardian creator "terribly sorry" for ongoing delays

Sony's reaction to him quitting "was not easy".

The Last Guardian "well staffed" and "in development"

But still no word on when, where or how it will be released.

Here is your regular Last Guardian update

"They are still working on it," says Yoshida.

The Last Guardian now "on hiatus", Sony says

UPDATE: Sony's Jim Ryan doesn't think it's been cancelled.

Feature | The big interview: Sony's Shuhei Yoshida on PS4

"It's more about services than the system."

Still no sign of The Last Guardian

Ueda chance to talk about it just then, Sony.

Sony had to "re-do" work on The Last Guardian, still a PS3 game

Eye-catching Team Ico title still alive, Yoshida confirms.

Feature | E3 2012: The Vapourware List

The absent games we're beginning to wonder about.

The Last Guardian still having "technical difficulties", says Sony

Shuhei Yoshida deflects rumours of it moving to PS4.

Sony US and UK teams helping out on The Last Guardian

"It's playable, but not to the point we can talk about the timing of launch."

Sony US boss Tretton downplays PS4 2012 announcement

Uses that "hitting its stride" phrase for PS3 again.

Sony: The Last Guardian is making "slow progress"

"There's some scrapping and rebuilding."

Feature | Actual New Games of 2012

Wonder and joy, please.

GameStop pulls The Last Guardian from its release schedule

UPDATE: Retailer admits error, Last Guardian lives.

The Last Guardian: Sony confirms Fumito Ueda's departure

Is "committed to completing" the project.

The Last Guardian creator Fumito Ueda leaves Sony - rumour

Goes freelance to finish PlayStation 3 exclusive.

18 unannounced Vita games set for TGS

Plus three unannounced PS3 games.

Team Ico HD bonus content detailed

Last Guardian video footage included.

The Last Guardian suffers delay

Sony delays ICO/SOTC Collection, too.

The Last Guardian release date revealed?

UK shops agree on October date.

ICO, Guardian films being "fought for"

SOTC movie maker would "love" them.

Team Ico Collection gets Trophies

Move and 3D possible for The Last Guardian.

The Last Guardian out "late 2011"

For those confused by "holiday 2011".

Video | The Last Guardian reveal trailer

We fetch dog-eagle footage for you.

Last Guardian coming holiday 2011

"It's time for us to go into crunch mode."

The Last Guardian shown at TGS

Stills captured from demonstration.

Screenshot blowout for Last Guardian

All the new images scooped.

Ueda presenting Last Guardian at TGS

Sony's let the cateagle out of the bag.

Team ICO "hard at work" on Last Guardian

But no word on when we'll see it again.

Feature | SCEI's Fumito Ueda

On The Last Guardian, ICO and more.

The Last Guardian

Tattoos! Colossi-like armour! Horns!

Team ICO pack for LBP this week

ICO, Yorda costumes shown.

E3: The Last Guardian

Team ICO's new beauty.

E3: Last Guardian beast is a cateagle

Creator Ueda details his next.

E3: Trico finally shown, renamed

Ueda's The Last Guardian.

Project Trico video leaked

Footage thought to be over a year old.

GDC: My games aren't art, says ICO man

Plus: Suda51 on being inspired while pooping.

ICO creator to speak at GDC

Ueda ready to show PS3 game?

Sony boss praises Ico team's new game

It'll take four years to finish up, mind.

ICO creator to speak at Nordic Game 08

Fumito Ueda discussing "disruptive design".

"ICO 3" image pops up in job ad

Kristan excited like little child.