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E3: Jade Raymond exec-producing AC2

Ezio's ten fingers also explained.

Ubisoft's Jade Raymond is working on Assassin's Creed 2 as executive producer.

The game's publisher has been quiet about the photogenic producer since Assassin's Creed shipped at the end of 2007, but thanks to a video interview on Ubisoft's E3 website (spotted by vg247), we now know she's involved in the sequel after all.

Creative director Patrick Desilets does most of the talking, explaining the sequel's more varied gameplay, the split between main missions and side quests (about 100 each), while Raymond points out that the upcoming PSP game helps explain the narrative link between Desmond Miles, Altair and Ezio.

Desilets also explains why Ezio has ten fingers and hasn't lost one as Altair did. Apparently it's because Leonardo da Vinci figured out a way to make Ezio a concealed blade without lopping one off. Good work, Leo.

Check out the E3 trailer to learn more. The game's due out on 17th November.