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Ubi's Killing Day and COP trademarks

Filed for use in games.

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Remember Killing Day? Ubisoft obviously does, because the game last heard about at E3 2005 has popped up again in connection with a trademark filed on Tuesday.

It's for "Killing Day", surprisingly enough, and the application was made by one "Ubisoft Entertainment" in connection with "Game software and electronic game programs, namely, software games".

If you've forgotten everything about it, check back to the Killing Day screenshots from E3 2005. Back then it was shown at Sony's PS3 conference, but whether it's single-format any more is unknown. As indeed is whether it's in full development. A trademark's just a trademark, after all.

The same, then, must go for Driver: The Recruit (filed late last month) and its new friend, also belonging to Ubisoft - C.O.P. The Recruit. Again, filed for use as a game. We'll let you know if either goes anywhere.

Thanks to superannuation, as ever.

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