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E3: SWTOR to be first fully-voiced MMO

Every character and class to sound unique.

BioWare's Ray Muzyka has revealed Star Wars The Old Republic will be "the first ever fully-voiced massively multiplayer online game".

Speaking at EA's E3 press conference, Muzyka said every class and character in SWTOR "will have his, her or its own unique voice".

"We think this changes everything for MMOs," he added. "We believe this could be one of the largest voiceover projects in the history of games - and maybe the rest of entertainment."

Muzyka went on to say that every class in SWTOR will have its own unique story. "So if you play as a bounty hunter in the Empire, then as a trooper in the Republic class, the experience will be different," he explained.

A trailer with a spooky voiceover was then shown. "Our time has come. For 300 years we prepared we grew stronger, while you rested in your cradle of power, believing your people were safe and protected," said the spooky voice. Meanwhile, a Sith Lord and his mate were slicing their way into a Republic building, lightsabering everyone in their path.

"You were trusted to lead the republic but you were deceived," The voiceover continued. "Finally, we have returned." An epic battle between a big group of Jedi knights and a bundle of Sith lords ensued, with red, green and blue lightsabers flying all over the place. The Sith Lord ended up striding out and leaving the building burning behind him, cloak flapping in the breeze. But do you get to play as Jar-Jar Binks?

Star Wars: The Old Republic is yet to be given a release date.