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Star Wars The Old Republic celebrates 10-year anniversary with 4K version of one of the best video game trailers of all time

It's true.

Star Wars The Old Republic turns 10 years old next month, and to celebrate developer BioWare is re-releasing all of the game's classic cinematic trailers in 4K.

First up is a 4K re-release of the Deceived trailer - in my opinion one of the best video game trailers of all time.

The Deceived trailer was originally released on 1st June 2009 to hype up the upcoming launch of Star Wars The Old Republic, which was set to take on then MMO behemoth World of Warcraft.

The cinematic did a fantastic job of catching people's attention. It features a flashy lightsaber battle that sees loads of Jedi fight loads of Sith before an evil army descends upon the world. There's a lot detail, impressive animation and cool fight choreography. The trailer wowed me back in 2009 - at the time I thought it good enough to be a part of a Star Wars movie series.

10 years later, Star Wars The Old Republic is still going, and it's getting a new expansion called Legacy of the Sith.

The video below, released a couple of days ago, presents the SWTOR story so far, if you're in need of a catch-up.

BioWare has over the years released tremendous cinematic trailers for SWTOR, but they are seen as both a blessing and a curse upon the game itself in the absence of a single-player, story-driven Knights of the Old Republic 3.

In 2016, Eurogamer's Robert Purchese asked, can Star Wars: The Old Republic ever live up to the promise of its incredible trailers?

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