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BioWare recommits to Star Wars: The Old Republic as creative director departs

The Force is still strong in this one.

Star Wars: The Old Republic developer BioWare has recomitted itself to the future of its 10-year-old sci-fi MMO, as the project's creative director Charles Boyd - a veteran of the company - announces his departure.

Boyd had served at BioWare for 16 years, with the majority spent writing for and looking after its Old Republic team.

"It's always sad to see someone you appreciate go, but I wish Charles all the best in his next adventure," BioWare boss Gary McKay wrote in a new BioWare blog post.

Cover image for YouTube videoSTAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ - 10-Year Celebration Montage
Star Wars: The Old Republic's 10-year celebration montage.

"He leaves SWTOR in excellent hands with an incredible team that will carry forward our vision for the game. We are committed to SWTOR's future as we continue to work on the next Dragon Age and Mass Effect."

BioWare's blog post does not name a new creative director for the project, but instead lists a number of key staff members who will fill positions in the game's leadership team.

This includes Eric Muscow (a 10-year veteran of BioWare) as lead producer, and experienced writer Ashley Ruhl as narrative director. Caitlin Sullivan Kelly, who has written for SWTOR for eight years, becomes lead writer, meanwhile.

Star Wars: The Old Republic's next update, 7.1, is due to arrive on 2nd August. It will add daily mission arcs on the planet Manaan, a new eight-player Operation and "key revelations about Darth Malgus and the Sith lord whose relics he has been pursuing".

Further details on what's next for SWTOR will then be announced "soon", BioWare said.

Dragon Age senior creative director Matt Goldman left BioWare in November last year, after serving at the studio since 1998, and taking over the role after the departure of fellow BioWare veteran Mike Laidlaw.

BioWare boss Casey Hudson and Dragon Age veteran Mike Darrah both left the company at the end of 2020, meanwhile, to "make way for the next generation of studio leaders".