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Star Wars: The Old Republic community honours Carrie Fisher in droves

Remembering 2016 for Alderaan reasons.

The community of Star Wars: The Old Republic paid a heartfelt tribute to departed actor Carrie Fisher over the Christmas holiday. Her Princess Leia will forever be an iconic part of Star Wars.

Across SWTOR game servers, thousands journeyed to House Organa, the place Leia Skywalker would - following her father's fall to the Dark Side - call her adopted home some 3500 Star Wars years later.

Even players from the hostile Sith Empire fought their way through droid guards and other obstacles to be there. One player documented their infiltration.

Given the Star Wars timelines involved, Leia doesn't exist in SWTOR. Nevertheless fans are now asking game developer BioWare for a statue in the world to honour her.

The Star Wars: The Old Republic Twitter account hasn't reacted to Fisher's passing yet nor has the BioWare account, but SWTOR creative director Charles Boyd congratulated the community on its memorial efforts.

Carrie Fisher sadly passed away 27th December. She was 60 years old. There was a nice piece published on The Guardian about a day with Carrie Fisher in case you haven't seen it.

Star Wars: The Old Republic expanded in December with admirable story expansion The Eternal Throne. It's an impressive and enjoyable addition though not the Knights of the Old Republic 3 you're looking for.

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