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CCP to make announcement in August

World of Darkness? EVE: Walking in Stations?

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Hilmar Petursson, boss of EVE Online developer CCP, is to give a keynote address at the Game Developers Conference Europe in August where he will make "an announcement on its latest project".

No further details are given, but CCP is known to have two major initiatives in development: the Walking in Stations extension to EVE, and World of Darkness, a mature horror MMO based on the White Wolf table-top RPG. Of course, Petursson might have something else altogether in mind.

"'Niche' is not a dirty word," reads the official keynote preview. "CCP grew from relative obscurity in the middle of the Atlantic to a major MMO company. CEO Hilmar Petursson will show what brought them here and share exclusive views into the future, including an announcement on its latest project, suggesting that the opportunity for the game industry to reinvent itself is now."

GDC Europe takes place on August 17th-19th in Cologne, Germany, ahead of the GamesCom Convention in the same city. Our colleagues from will be there in force, so watch this space (or that one) for news when the time comes.

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